To Serve Mankind

{June 12, 2008}   Finally! My first post 7/5/08

     Yep!  Welcome to my blog.  I’ve decided it’s my turn to jump on the blog bandwagon and spend more of my time talking about one of my favorite subjects – the restaurant business.  I’m one of those rare people who do what they do because we love it – not because I have to do it. 

     And first and foremost, I must give proper thanks to my husband, Adam, for making such possible.  Without his unconditional support I wouldn’t be able to enjoy these freedoms; creative, occupational, spiritual, and otherwise!

     So, what is so pertinent about my jobs that makes me brave enough to want to post my thoughts and opinions for all to see?  Well, I’ve been in customer service most of my life.  I’ve been “refining” my art of service (and yes, it is an art), as the natural progression of human growth goes, and I am often quite introspective as to all what is really involved in the art, and the game, of professional food service and bartending.  I would like to open the minds of those who see people in my chosen career as “taking the easy way out”.  I want people to see that it’s not just my role to serve…how boring would that be?  We front of house staff are (or Should Be) so much more than that.  Host, liaison, babysitter, big sister, therapist, and entertainer are hats that I wear every shift at both jobs – and I love it! 

     In this blog, I’ll be exploring that which is not only my role as employee but also the role of the guest (and helpful suggestions on how to make your dining experience more enjoyable.) and the role of management.  In this business the whole is truly the sum of its parts.  You’ve probably never even realized the delicate co-symbiotic balance between the key players in an ultimate serving experience.  And we haven’t even mentioned the power of the kitchen!

     So, I’ll end my prelude here.  Please, all who read are welcome and encouraged to comment.  Your feedback is most helpful! 

     And my first discussion, soon to be posted;

                   Serving Children – Teach Your Children!


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