To Serve Mankind

{October 24, 2008}   A Happy Friday

     Last friday the 17th was a record night at the Robin.  I made over $30 an hour in tips.  I am still totally amazed and have been reflecting on what I did to make it such a successful night.  I mean, coming home with $160 is a new record for serving in the city of Riverbank and especially with the economy like it is.  Like most other businesses, the restaurant industry has taken a hit too.  Not only are people eating out less, they are also tipping less.  The average seems to be about 10-12%; my personal standard is 20%.  Mrph, ahem.

     So it went down like this…I arrived late due to a minor schedule confusion.  No big deal, fortunately.  No problem shaking that one off.  The rest of the night went picture perect!  I was on fire.  Nothing could bother me.  I was getting 20% tips left and right.  And when I got a $5 tip on an $80 tag, I shook it off without hesitation.  I was calm and focused.  I was truly enjoying my shift, and I guess that came thru to the guests.  I was lucky – none of my guests were buttholes or attention hogs.  It was a really smooth shift – I didn’t even have to sing a birthday song!

     Maybe it was becuz I was still on the move from my shift at Sips.  I had no down time in between jobs.  Unless you count driving in the car, I suppose.  Maybe it was becuz I knew there were friends waiting for me at my house.  Maybe I did just the right kind of yoga that morning.  Or maybe the planets were all perfectly aligned.  All I know is Friday the 17th was a model shift at the Red Robin, and I’ll be doing everything in my power to make that happen again.

Feedback welcome and encouraged!


Riverbank Red Robin

Riverbank Red Robin




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