To Serve Mankind

{April 25, 2009}   Water, Water, Everywhere!

Ok, folks.  Time to gripe.  This is a pet peeve that has been bugging me thoroughly and I don’t know why I haven’t laid this down sooner.  It’s about ordering water to drink when you go out to eat.  First of all, if you’re going out to dine, why are you having something as mundane as water?  Of course, I do understand that people drink water, so that is all good and fine ordering it.  Hell, sometimes I do to myself.  But please don’t order a water just because I ask you if you’d like something to drink and you’re feeling just too pressured to order anything else yet.  I’m not asking you if you want a drink because I have nothing else to do; I’m asking if you want a beverage because you might be thirsty!  You have no idea how often somebody has me chase them down a water only to have them order a different beverage when I get back with their water, and never even touch the water they made me get in the first place! So, it just kills me when people make me get them a water, I deliver it, then they order a smoothie or a shake and don’t even touch the water!  I think that is extremely inconsiderate to myself and to mother earth.  You’ve all heard the statistics…it actually takes x amount of gallons of water to wash the glass and so on.  If you served in a restaurant you’d know how wasteful requests for water can be.  More so than fry fills and ranch dressing requests.  So all I’m trying to say here, people, is just think before you order water.  And I’m not saying that because it’s free!!  A table of 4 who randomly ask for “waters all around” backs me up about 2 minutes which in restaurant time is way too much time!


Ross Presser says:

“Ranch dressing requests”? Sounds like there’s another rant behind that phrase.

will says:

In Australia most restaurants put tap water down in a jug or bottle immediately on arrival (glasses are on the table already). This is a country where some of the year everyone is pretty hot so water is universally welcomed. This gives guests the opportunity to ask for a drink, or mineral water, if they want to swap over. Doesn’t solve the wasteful washing problem but it means no time is wasted!

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